UV Resitant Soil Stabilizer Enviroseal M10-2001™

M10-2001™ Overview

UV Resitant Soil Stabilizer Enviroseal M10-2001™ is a polymeric product that has been proven effective with a wide range of applications. It is a highly concentrated specialty blend that is black in color and is diluted with available fresh or salt water at ratios from 5:1 to 35:1, depending on the specific application. It has been found to be highly effective for use as a stabilization additive for silty, sandy and gravelly soils that normally fall into the AASHTO range of A-1-2 through A-2-5. A minimum treatment depth of 25 centimeters is recommended for soil stabilization. Broader application ranges are possible with the use of additional M10-2001™, but to remain economical, the addition of material to fill pore space is recommended. This product is highly effective for reduction of UV damage and deterioration of the surface. As a topical coating, it has been proven effective for use in toxic site remediation on Superfund projects. The cementious action of Enviroseal M10-2001™ is second to none for containment of airborne particulate and leeching of water into sensitive groundwater systems in stockpiled soils that contain low level radiation, heavy metals, and plutonium. The ease of use, clean up and economical dilution ratio makes this product a favorite by our customers. Independent test conducted by the City of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada has proven that reduction of airborne dust (PM-10 and PM-2.5) is reduced by as much as sixty percent after thirty days with no maintenance. As noted in their reports, there was no indication of the roadway becoming slippery when wet and a reduction of rutting was also indicated when compared to other dust abatement products and untreated soil.

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