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Enviroseal Soil Stabilizer products are unconditionally GUARANTEED for 5 years when installed to our specifications!

Our first success was done in July of 1997 with the ADA running path at Central Park, New York City. This is approximately a two mile running path that draws an average of 5,000 runners per day. It is arguably the most used trail in the USA. After 12 1/2 years of use that adds up to over 25,000,000 runners and no repairs other than raking and snow removal. This trail is in full compliance with the ADA regulations. We have perfected the design of ADA trails that has now been adopted by most States, and Italy for their Winter Olympics in 2006.

The ADA running trail / ADA pathways are designed to do the following:

  • Prevent the wash boarding
  • Be water-proof yet promote adequate drainage
  • Be able to withstand numerous freeze thaw cycles
  • Provide very low cost maintenance
  • Most of all, be very economical to construct with locally available machinery and labor.

If our ADA trail is installed as per our specifications:
We will offer a (5) five year 100% polymer replacement warranty against failure.
No other company will dare do this warranty.


A CD is now available showing costs and will answer your many questions. Please Email us at ADA sales with your address and contact details and we will send this information promptly. You will see how the Enviroseal System can benefit your group, or public requirements.

The photos listed below are a few of our recent accomplishments around the world. The pictures below are installation procedures and final results. This installation was done in July of 1997 for the Central Park ADA Running path. Now in the year 2009, very little maintenance, and over 25,000,000 runners (that is an average of 5,000 users per day) have enjoyed this premier project. Indications are that the life of this trail will be at least (15) fifteen years.


These photos below were taken at the Town of Aosta, in the Italian Alps in August of 2002 The Enviroseal System will be replacing the Granite blocks that had been previously used with a cost savings of about 75%. Our distributor found out as well as the Olympic Committee there, that they could put in these trails much more quickly and far more economically. This alone will help to save a major part of their construction budget. This is an important factor to consider in these days of limited project funding. The photo to the far right is the type of terrain that many of the ski and access trails will be constructed with grades many times in excess of 10%..


In October / November of 2002 Our distributor, Enviroseal of Washington sold and installed a 2 1/2 mile ADA designed running path bordering the New Deschutes Parkway. This running path is used around the State Capital Complex in Olympia. The following photos show the ease of installation and the general topography of the area.


An ADA Designed Trail built in the Summer of 2006 at the Cahaba River, Alabama: The initial trail was built along the Cahaba River which is national SCENIC RIVER SITE. Much care had to be given to preventing pollution of the river and in keeping the natural scenery. This project has been so successful that the town now has planned to complete this 16 mile project.


ADA Golf Cart Paths: The use of this technology is being now used far and wide for Landscape Architects and Golf Course Design companies in order to achieve the natural look around their pathways and gardens. Their ability to use natural stone and colored aggregate brings a more durable natural appearance to their designs.


ENVIROSEAL (5) FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: We have a very simple warranty, plainly explained as follows: Our trail material M10+50, is unconditionally warranted against failure for (5) five years from time of installation. If your trail is constructed as we instruct with the proper materials and it fails DURING THESE FIVE YEARS, we will replace the product at no cost to the owner.

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Enviroseal Trail and Path Specifications

The content and uniformity of the stone mix is an important factor to ensure overall quality and end results. Placement of 4” to 6” of compacted base material to make a sound foundation for the path is recommended for all projects.


Enviroseal recommends the use of ½ minus recycled concrete, crushed trap rock or equal that is made of hard, durable, sharp edged rock fragments that are free from dirt, organic, or other deleterious matter. Percentages are measured by weight of dry aggregate. Send a minimum (25) five pound sample of screening aggregate to our lab to determine the best mix ratios. The material should conform to the following SAE requirements:

Sieve Size Percent Passing
1/2 Inch (12.5 mm) 90-100
3/8 Inch (9.5 mm) 75-90
1/4 Inch (6.3 mm) 60-75
No. 30 (600 Um) 60-40
No. 100 (150 Um) 20-40
No. 200 (75 Um) 10-14

Screening Placement: Four to six inches of un-compacted stone mix as described above is placed in construction area. Wood or steel edging can be used for definition of the pathway


Mixing Enviroseal M10+50

  • Dosage Rate: Concentrated M10+50 is calculated at ten (10) gallons per cubic yard.
  • Calculation of water: The water addition to use with the M-10+50 is the difference between in-situ moisture content of the stone mix and optimum moisture content required for compaction as evidenced by the dry density weight of the stone mix or as directed by an onsite technician.
  • Mixing M-10+50/Water with Stone Mix: Four inches of stone mix is blended with M-10+50 pre-blended with water allowing two inches of stone mix on the bottom. Blending the M-10+50 and water mixture is best completed using a soil mixer or tiller to thoroughly blend the stone mix with the M-10+50 and water mix.
  • Compaction of Surface: Use of a 3 to 5 ton double drum vibratory roller sufficient in size to effectively compact the depth of treated surface.
  • Top Coat Sealing: After approximately one day has lapsed, a topical application is required. Apply topcoat uniformly until pathway is complete saturated. Additional top coat applications may be necessary. Mix a 50/50 mixture of M10+50 and water and evenly spray on the surface until light puddling occurs. Allow to adsorb and repeat application.
  • Approvals: M-10+50 is approved for making ADA trails by The National Center of Accessibility (NCA)

Installation Tips

  • Do not prepare or Install material during, prior to, or immediately following rainfall or when temp is 50° F and falling within a 24-hour period.
  • The use of diaphragm pumps for spraying M10+50 is required. Gear driven or trash pumps will malfunction or seize and possibly damage the polymer strands.
  • After mixing the M10+50 and water mixture with the aggregate, ensure there are no deviations that can cause ponding water by raking and leveling the surface prior to compaction.
  • Ensure there is sufficient pitch to allow proper drainage on the finished surface.
  • The first pass with the roller is static rolling only. Should any areas need to be repaired, it is best to complete repairs and mix the area again. After one pass of static rolling, three passes vibratory is recommended to ensure good compaction. DO NOT vibratory roll more than four times. Any lines left by the roller should be cleaned up by static rolling only.
  • Do not use plate compactors. The vibration will damage the polymers and void any warranty.
  • Do not treat more area than can be completed before the mixed aggregate dries. If the surface begins to dry prior to completion, lightly mist the surface with water.
  • Call our office to speak with an installation technician if you have any questions. Please visit our website to view installation videos.
  • Each project is different and requires careful evaluation of all aspects from the design architect, contractor, civil engineer, and Enviroseal technical department.


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