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RoofGuard™ Overview

RoofGuard™ is a Patented acrylic formulation that attaches granular on asphalt roofs. RoofGuard™ does not crack, yellow, or decompose from Ultra Violet Radiation. RoofGuard™ carries a 100% warranty for (3) THREE years against algae and granular loss when applied properly. We do not warrant against wind damage, although recent wind tunnel testing has proven uplift characteristics are significantly reduced by over 215%, while increasing the wind resistance by over 65%.

RoofGuard™ roof sealer significantly eliminates wind uplift or the “wing effect” to shingle roofs thus reducing the cause of over 60% of reported damage due to wind and water damage. All manufactured home roofs treated with low roof pitch (3 on 12 or less) being the most vulnerable, showed no damage after facing wind gusts to 130 mph. during Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

During the 2004 Hurricane season, the test roofs treated with RoofGuard™ over a four year period had no losses reported. These roofs in East and Central Florida were subjected to three storms within three weeks and experienced sustained winds of up to 130 mph. Hurricane protection is accomplished by reducing wind friction and locking down the asphalt shingle tabs on all exposed sides. This is performed by application techniques and the ability of RoofGuard™ to wick under the shingles thus locking them down to one another.

When the 2005 storms hit the Gulf coast we had installed over 400,000 square feet of roofs throughout the Gulf and Atlantic Coast areas; again, no loss of shingles. Today as of August of 2006 we have now installed over 3,000,000 square feet and moving on at about 2 to 300,000 ft2 per month. This was over 4 years ago and here we are 2010. We have now installed over 6,000,000 ft2 of roof all over the central and Gulf Coast United States. The RoofGuarded roofs have in total survived countless high winds in Tornado areas, High winds, Hurricanes and Ice damming situations. To date we have NO reported losses.

RoofGuard™ has successfully passed the Florida Wind and water testing with NO wind uplift; FBC TF 95-100 for 110 sustained to 130 mph wind gusts; demonstrating no water intrusion on 60 MPH rated shingles.

RoofGuard™ exceeds FEMA recommendations as noted in written statements to the Florida Department of Community Affairs. (11- 2004).

Do Not Be Fooled By Imitations.
Insist On The Original RoofGuard™ Manufactured By Enviroseal Corporation.

RoofGuard™ Has Made The Most
Significant Development In Hurricane Roof Protection.

RoofGuard™ Has The Following Benefits:

  • Provides Protection From Hurricane Force Winds and Wind Driven Rain As Tested In Accordance With Florida Building Code Standards. Test Results Are Available Upon Written Request.
  • Significantly Increases Adhesion Of Granular To Asphalt Shingle Surfaces Thereby Increasing Ultra Violet Protection.
  • Increases Asphalt Shingle Wind Uplift Ratings By More Than 215%.
  • Is Heat Resistant From -50f To 315f.
  • The Sealant Actually Penetrates The Porous Shingle And Permanently Bonds With The Shingle Directly Below.
  • Reduces Wind And Water Friction By As Much As 65%.
  • Extends The Life Of Your Roof.
  • Provides Additional Adhesion To All Exposed Sides Of The Shingle Tab.

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