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Video of damage from Hurricane Wilma in 2005. The roofs treated with Roof-Guard 101 did amazing during this intense storm. We traveled around to look at the roofs that had Enviroseal Roof-guard 101 installed and it showed us how good it worked.

Different Bomag installations of Enviroseal's M10+50 Soil Stabilizer.

This an Enviroseal M10+50 Installation.

Commercial for Roof-Guard 101 shingle sealer.

Here is the hurricane wind & water test of Roof-Guard 101™. It has successfully passed the Florida Wind and water testing with NO wind uplift; TAS-100-95 for 110 sustained to 130 mph wind gusts; demonstrating no water intrusion on 60 MPH rated shingles. Roof-Guard 101™ is a Patent Pending acrylic formulation that attaches granular on asphalt shingle roofs. This great sealer is manufactured by Enviroseal Corp. in Florida.

Roof-Guard: Proper spraying method on a low aspect roof up to 5 on 1


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