Dust Control


Dust is usually defined as airborne particles 10 microns or 2.5 microns (PM-10 and PM-2.5) or smaller in size and have been known to affect the human respiratory system. These minute dust particles can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and those with respiratory issues being more at risk from infections.


According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, road dust is a major source of particulate matter in the atmosphere and is the largest source of PM 10. Dust control is required when fine dirt particles become airborne by the movement of vehicles on unpaved roads. Control of dust is determined by the conditions and the type of surface to be treated.  Factors like the road surface, the length of time between maintenance, and the long term plans for the road should be considered.


Effective dust control can be obtained using either LDC or MV-55 by mixing with water and applying to the surface with a pressurized spray system.



LDC™ is a vinyl acrylic blend with 45% solids that is our most economical product, it is formulated with surfactants specifically for dust and erosion control.


MV-55™ is a modified vinyl acrylic with up to 55% polymer solids with good UV and water resistance. MV-55™ is 30% more concentrated than most competitors’ products.