Erosion Control


Erosion is the process of weathering and movement of soil and rock that occurs from water or wind. The rate of erosion depends on many factors that include the amount and intensity of rain and wind speed. Water erosion is the impact of rain as it breaks apart particles of clay, silt and sand. It fills the soil pores and reduces infiltration and adsorption. Wind erosion is most common in arid conditions. Wind can move soil several feet or thousands of miles across oceans. Wind causes small particles to be lifted and moved and generally occurs in areas with little or no vegetation.


Enviroseal products have been proven effective for both wind and rain erosion and eliminating vapor transmissions which can be used for both temporary and long term use. The following Enviroseal products can be used for erosion control and choosing the right one can depend on factors like length of time, pricing, location, and expected results. We can also custom formulate to adjust our products for cold weather applications.


M10+50™ is a Nano particle modified acrylic blend that has 50% pure acrylic and is both water and UV proof. It is a high grade product capable of treating both high and low temperature ranges making it suitable for cold or hot climates. It has excellent resistance to harsh chemicals.


MA-60™ is a modified acrylic blend that has 60% pure acrylic solids with a medium particle size. It is both water and UV proof and provides the highest concentration available on the market today and is extremely durable and economical.


MV-55™ is a modified vinyl acrylic with 55% polymer solids and has good UV and water resistance. MV-55 is 30% more concentrated than most competitors’ products.


Enviroseal polymers can be pigmented to increase serviceable lifespan and provide atheistic appeal, contact us for details.