Enviroseal also manufactures products for preservation of roof, concrete, and asphalt surfaces. RoofGuard is a patented product that has been proven to prevent hurricane damage to asphalt shingle roofs and LAS-320 is rated as a premier fuel resistant sealer that extends the life of asphalt surfaces. Our Duraseal product line improves the performance of concrete and masonry surfaces, all with quality you can count on.



RoofGuard™ is a patented high quality pure nano acrylic formulation that is applied to new or old roof surfaces that prevents granular loss and the growth of algae on asphalt shingle roofs. It is a clear non-toxic sealer formulated with surfactants and algaecides that also extends the life of asphalt composition roofs. RoofGuard is also excellent for concrete and tile roof surfaces and has a Five year warranty against algae and granular loss. RoofGuard is protected under US Patent Number 8,058,342 and is cutting edge technology for asphalt shingle preservation.


LAS-320™ is a formulation that was developed for the maintenance and care of asphalt surfaces that include airfields, secondary fuel containment, parking lots, and driveways. LAS-320 works as an asphalt protectant by making a molecular bond with the oxidized HMA surface while it penetrates imperfections including cracks and eruptions. LAS-320 dries in about one hour and makes the surface impervious to water, petroleum products, and most chemicals. For our commercial and industrial customers, LAS-320 is also available in CONCENTRATE and is the same as our standard LAS-320 supplied in 275-gallon totes only.


Duraseal Zero™ is a Zero VOC acrylic waterborne product with only two grams per liter VOC. It is a mid-gloss, clear non-yellowing sealer that is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications where environmentally friendly products are desired. DuraSeal Zero protects concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces from harsh chemicals and has very low odor and is ideal for use indoors or outdoors.


Duraseal Plus™ is a deep penetrating ready to use water-based, siloxane/silane water-repellent. It is colorless, odorless, non-staining, and non-film forming used to protect concrete or other masonry surfaces. Duraseal Plus is breathable, nonflammable, non-yellowing, will not alter the appearance or texture of treated surfaces and is VOC compliant. It is designed for application to above grade vertical and horizontal surfaces, light weight concrete, concrete block, mortar, porous brick, precast, pre-stressed, poured-in-place, and concrete wearing surfaces. It is suitable for use on exterior walls, sound barriers, sidewalks, ramps, parking decks, bridge decks and industrial floors.