Soil Stabilization


Enviroseal polymers are added to soil as a percentage of the soil dry density weight. The minimum recommended dosage rate is 1% for light applications and up to 6% which is considered for military applications. Enviroseal polymers are concentrated and mixed with water then mixed with the soil and compacted. It is a simple process done with standard construction equipment that includes a minimum of a grader, water truck, and vibratory compactor. On average, rates between 2% and 3% will show excellent results to increase bearing capacity and CBR values on poor grade soils.


M10+50™ is a Nano particle modified acrylic blend that has 50% pure acrylic and is both water and UV proof. It is a high grade product with Tg ranges suitable for cold or hot climates. It has excellent resistance to harsh chemicals.


MA-60™ is a modified acrylic blend that has 60% pure acrylic solids with a medium particle size. It is both water and UV proof and provides the highest concentration available on the market today and is extremely durable and economical.


MV-55™ is a modified vinyl acrylic with up to 55% polymer solids with good UV and water resistance. MV-55 is 30% more concentrated than most competitors’ products.


LDC™is a vinyl acrylic blend with 45% solids that is our most economical product, it is formulated with surfactants specifically for dust and erosion control.


Enviroseal also supplies custom formulations that can be pigmented Green or Black to increase serviceable lifespan and provide atheistic appeal. Custom colors can be considered.